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About the Foundation

Ignite Health Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3), that was formed to improve the health of the communities we serve.

Leveraging technology and interoperability efforts, we lean on our local Faith communities and national healthcare partners, to unite together, to serve the underserved.


About Us -Ignite Health Foundation

At Ignite Health Foundation, we view Population Health as not only the capturing of data from “physical” health risk factors, but also take into account mental health, the stress that comes from community members who are financially struggling to pay for healthcare services and those who often delay or postpone much needed care. We believe effective community outreach and personal engagement in healthcare is critical to improving health outcomes. We have a national network of certified local health coaches, patient navigators and a nation-wide network of local Faith-based organizations to lean on in the community while building trust


Ignite Health Foundation is powered by an Interoperability platform, which identifies and integrates patient “Gaps of Care”, and risk management, to create a patient-centered “Unified Care Plan”. We also provide a free APP to patients which can be used on any smartphone. Technology will be key for successful data management and operational efficiency; however, improving the health of the population will also greatly depend on engaging a network of local people with key community stakeholders leading by example.